Moksha Digital offers its flagship product CuriePACS. Our product will provide the enterprise with significant growth opportunities. CuriePACS becomes the backbone for integrating image and clinical data with EHR hence bridging the gap between referring physicians and radiologists. CuriePACS uses state of the art storage management software to receive images from any DICOM compliant or non-DICOM modalities and stores it in a lossless format at all times. The images captured from the device are instantaneously available at multiple viewers, thus allowing physicians to concur with radiologists for better diagnosis without losing valuable patient time.

Our product will store data in a VNA format. Internationally certified (US FDA approved) and complaint with international standards (DICOM, HL7 & HIPAA).It is platform independent with support for windows, LINUX and MAC operating systems.



The VNA component of CuriePACS allows Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers to archive their medical imaging data and reports in a non-proprietary industry standard format. This ensures that the data stored by the Hospitals in CuriePACS VNA is neutral to both the source of images and the mechanisms used to archive data that eventually serves users.

By implementing a VNA, CuriePACS becomes generic enough to communicate with a wide variety of systems to send and receive medical images and reports associated with the Hospitals. This also helps Hospitals achieve true vendor independence in terms of managing the medical data.

CuriePACS VNA aims to empower healthcare organizations to control, manage, store and consolidate imaging data better inside the workflow between PACS, EHR and datacentres. Our solution can be customized to be an on-premise VNA that will offer control over secure sharing of images. It can also be provided as a hybrid VNA that will allow cloud to store all the second copies of images thereby significantly reducing cost of disaster recovery.