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Moksha Digital Software Pvt. Ltd. specializes in building state-of-the-art turnkey solutions for the healthcare industry. The Solution suite consists of products and services that streamline the medical image scanning operations of a hospital. Our Flagship Solution consists of products and services that streamline operations for medical imaging such as in radiology department of a hospital or a diagnostic center.

The solution caters broadly in the areas of DICOM machine integration, Image archiving, viewing and reporting for Radiologists. The collaborative sets of tools allow radiologists and ordering physician to collaborate through our application. The solution offers seamless viewing to Radiologists and Clinicians across the hospital thus eliminating the need for films. The state-of-the-art mobility solution caters to viewing on handheld devices such as mobiles and tablets.

Our deep expertise in integration allows the product to be integrated with EMR and HIS, thus allowing seamless access to patient records and imaging data across the healthcare facility. CurieRIS, our Radiology Information System, caters to complex workflow requirements of a typical hospital bringing in efficiencies in the areas of patient registration, scheduling, ordering, monitoring status, and radiology reporting. The goal of CurieRIS is to bring orders of efficiencies increase in throughput, reduction of errors and improving overall quality.

The solution is built for handling scalable high volume throughput throughout the healthcare facility and supports a wide variety of Medical Imaging equipment on a single platform. We listen to the needs of various users and this is reflected in the flexibility of our solution where various user requirements can be achieved through configuration of at runtime. CuriePACS-RIS solution is hardware agnostic and is deployed on various cloud platforms.

Moksha Digital’s R&D is powered from Bangalore – India, with sales and relationship presence across various parts of the globe. Our biggest strength is the diversified set of talent and expertise in the areas of image processing, compression, streaming technology and web-based enterprise applications. Working with huge dataset, we have expertise in designing and deploying scalable storage applications for medical imaging.

We work hard to empower our customers with Digital Freedom so they are free to focus on patient care which is what they do best.