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CuriePACS, CurieRIS and our DICOM viewer suite of medical imaging applications, collectively know as CuriePACS-RIS, is designed to cater to all your imaging requirements. Our full featured web-based and scalable solution will ensure your imaging needs for electronic viewing, storage, communication and writing reports are available in a secure environment.

We provide cutting edge Teleradiology platform to easily and seamlessly connect distributed radiology groups. In addition to traditional Thick client for Radiology workstations, our Zero Footprint browser-based DICOM image viewer provides easy access to patient information on-site or at remote location.

We believe that providing the right tools and clinical processes will help radiologists achieve optimum utilization of the available resources, increase efficiency and productivity in their analysis of clinical images, and in filling the reports. It will bring automated processes into action that will optimize scheduling of equipment, radiologists, technicians and patients. CuriePACS-RIS packages together a comprehensive workflow for reporting including worklists, alerts, notifications, actions, modality integration, image storage and image viewing.

We understand that each customer has different requirements. As an embodiment to this understanding, our product offering simplifies the work for user by offering flexibility on choice of what users see on the system, what hardware is used for accessing the solution and where backend system is installed. Right from bare metal installation on physical servers, to virtualized environment, to deploying on the cloud, our solution is capable of adapting to various deployment scenarios.

CuriePACS-RIS is accepted by customers for the ease of use, flexibility, easy integration with the existing standards based EMR / HIS, and data security.

Product & Service Offerings

We have a full-stack browser-based PACS, RIS and DICOM Viewer solution that will meet your end-to-end medical imaging requirements consisting of the following:

CuriePACS-RIS Benefits

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